UN RESCUE SERVICES Is an International Care Giving, Non-governmental and Non-religious organization that promotes the UNITED NATIONS Humanitarian Services globally and Advocates on the SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS (SDGs)


UN RESCUE SERVICES Promotes The UNITED NATIONS – Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which includes:-

*Achieve Universal Education

*Eradicate Extreme Poverty & Hunger

*Reduce Child Mortality

*Improve Maternal Health

*Ensure Environmental Sustainability

 *Global Partnership for Development

*Combat HIV AIDS, Malaria etc; and

*Promote Gender Equality & Empower Women / General Public.


UN RESCUE SERVICES Conducts RESCUE OPERATIONS in Emergency Situations, Gives First Aid to Accident Victims and Enlightenment through Seminars on Peaceful Co-Existence, Anti-Terrorism, Anti-Vandalism, Anti-Kidnapping and Anti-Slavery. We also offer Counselling on Youth Restiveness, Dangers of Drug Abuse, Pre-Marital Pregnancy, Under Age Driving, Drunkenness, Thuggery, Child Trafficking, Child Labour, National & Int’l Prostitution and all Anti-Social Vices. We provide Skill Acquisition / Vocational Training, Women & Youth Empowerment and Feed Orphans, Widows & Widowers as well as provide Shelters to the Homeless, the indigents and physically challenged Citizens.


Is an initiative of UN RESCUE SERVICES meant to deliver Ten Thousand (10,000) Units of Affordable Houses in the Six (6) Geo-Political Zones using the SWEDISH GIVENT CONCRETE TECHNOLOGY invented by one of Our INT’L NOBLE AMBASSADOR ROGER ERIKSSON, which our findings revealed is one of the best in the world and requires only 10% Concrete to deliver durable, efficient and sustainable Houses that could last up to 1,000years.

UN RESCUE SERVICES shall engage only qualified and competent Contractors who have the capabilities to issue Bank Guarantees from top rated Banks to call up the approved Funding from Humanitarian Financiers.