The HOPE SHELTERS PROJECT is an initiative of the UN RESCUE SERVICES / FAVOUR & MARVEL LTD to provide affordable houses to people who have lost hope of owning their own houses in our society.

Having realized that the housing supply gap in Nigeria is in the shortfall with over 22million houses according to demographics, it is apparent that providing sustainable housing in Nigeria has been an uphill task, which cannot be serviced by governments alone.

The UN RESCUE SERVICES / FAVOUR & MARVEL LTD is ready, willing and able to undertake this affordable housing project to ameliorate the severe housing challenges being experienced across Nigeria. This project is the pilot scheme of our Nigerian housing initiative which has been initiated to take off from Abuja the Federal Capital Territory and eventually deployed to the six (6) geopolitical zones of North-East, North-West, North-Central, South-East, South-South & South-West of Nigeria.

FAVOUR & MARVEL LTD is the Special Purpose Vehicle Company to handle the Housing Project with independent and central functional amenities across Nigeria. The project is estimated to cost $3.5B (Three Billion and Five Hundred Million US Dollars only). Favour & Marvel Limited believes that this amount shall enable us realize our objective of delivering quality and affordable houses to Nigerians and below is our estimated Cash Flow:

S/N    ITEMS                            AMOUNT IN $USD
1. Contract Sum for 10,000Units to

be Constructed By Local Contractors 1,075,737,848.75
2. Contract Sum for 10,000Units to
be Constructed By Offshore
Partners 1,075,737,848.75
3. Infrastructure 1,203,299,692.92
4. Miscellaneous Expenses

1. Land(s) Purchase 53,786,892.44
2. Permits & Approvals 10,757,378.49
3. Compensation of Natives 10,757,378.49
4. Hiring of Equipment 5,378,689.24
5. Land Clearance 10,757,378.49
6. Consultants, Architects, QS & Surveyors 10,757,378.49
7. Insurance 10,757,378.49
8. Direct Labours 10,757,378.49
9. Vehicles & Maintenance 5,378,689.24
10. Attorneys & Legal Fees 10,757,378.49
11. Office Complex & Accommodations + Furnishing 5,378,689.24
12. Contractors 1st, 2nd & 3rd Payments 1,021,950,956.31
13. Contractors 4th / Final Payment 53,786,892.44
14. Contract Sum for 10,000Units to be Constructed By Offshore Partners 1,075,737,848.75
15. Infrastructure 1,203,299,692.92
TOTAL 3,500,000,000.00

We intend to deliver at least one hundred thousand (100,000) housing units within the first Phase of 1 to 3years, to make this a revolving Program of 10 Phases with 10,000 thousand units developed per phase. Meaning Phase1 shall be 10,000units and Phase2 another 10,000units. We propose to construct 20,000 housing units in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory comprising of the following house types: –
a. 1 Bedroom Blocks of Flats – 5,000 Units
b. 2 Bedroom Fully Detached Bungalow – 5,000 Units
c. 3 Bedroom Fully Detached Bungalow – 4,000 Units
d. 2 Bedroom Blocks of 4 Flats – 4,000 Units
e. 4 Bedroom Fully Detached Duplex – 2,000 Units
Grand Total = 20,000 Units

Also included in the package are the following facilities: –
a. Worship Centres – 2 no.
b. Recreation Centre – 1 no.
c. Administrative Block – 1 no.
d. Modern Shopping Complex – 1 no.
e. International Standard Specialist Hospital – 1 no.
f. Model Nursery, Primary and Secondary Schools – 1 no. g. Ultra Modern Sports Complex fit for today’s – 1 no.Youths and young urban professionals.

Land: Several hundreds of hectares of land have been sourced for this purpose from private land owners and Applications forwarded to government agencies for direct allocation of land in various parts of the country.

Financing/Project Sum: UN RESCUE SERVICES / FAVOUR & MARVEL LTD have secured 100% non-recourse, humanitarian funding from OFFSHORE FINANCIERS who have signed Agreement with us stating that they are ready, willing and able to provide the required project funding of $3.5B (Three Billion and Five Hundred Million US Dollars only) to enable the successful execution of the Hope Shelters Project, Nigeria.

Meanwhile, the Project Principal – UN RESCUE SERVICES / FAVOUR & MARVEL LTD shall engage only qualified Contractors who can issue a Cash backed Bank Guarantee of Minimum of $100M (One Hundred Million US Dollars) to maximum $500million US Dollars BG to be issued by a top rated Bank in the world to call up the approved Funding for the Project.

Financing: UN RESCUE SERVICES / FAVOUR & MARVEL LTD has secured 100% funding approval from Off-shore Humanitarian Project Financier for an initial $3.5 Billion USD which shall be released per milestone within minimum 30days from the date of issuance of the BG to enable us Mobilize Contractor to move to site(s) for the successful execution of the Project.

Contractors Participation Procedure: – Contractors are expected to tender a comprehensive company profile and letter of intent addressed to the Chairman/CEO, Favour & Marvel Limited, stating the following:-
a. Quantity of housing units the company is willing to construct.
b. Readiness and capability to place a Cash Backed Bank Guarantee of minimum $100 Million US Dollars or maximum $500million US Dollars to call up the approved Project Funding.

c. Contractors shall pay a Registration Fee of N2million to be awarded the Contract for each slot of 1,000 units of houses.
d. Contractors must indicate readiness to mobilize to site within 30days of payment of mobilization Fee.

GIVENT Building Technology:
The UN RESCUE SERVICES / FAVOUR & MARVEL LTD has secured the consent of a Swedish Partner, GIVENT DYNAMISK CONSTRUCTION and Signed Agreement to adopt their efficient modern Technology that cuts down the cost of Concrete & Steel up to 70% to enable us deliver quality and sustainable houses to the beneficiaries.

A team of officials from UN RESCUE SERVICES / FAVOUR & MARVEL LTD had travelled to Stockholm, Sweden to see firsthand Properties that had been built based on the Swedish GIVENT Building Technology at TROSA, Stockholm Sweden over two decades ago and we discovered that the properties are actually very sustainable and durable.

10,000 Housing units shall situate at different locations within the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, and similar units across the six (6) geo-political zones of North-East, North-West, North-Central, South-East, South-South & South-West of Nigeria.
Each project location shall consist of a central infrastructural operation like central security operation, Water supply and central maintenance, Comprehensive Health Centre, World Class Primary and Secondary Schools, dedicated shopping centre, automobile workshop, sewage disposal and recreation centre. Laws within each project location shall be binding as contained in the title deeds of assignment to all prospective off-takers.
A government backed regulation for administrative convenience with chartered township arrangement shall provide for each location to have its own internal regulations consistent with the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Sales: Off-takers shall be Civil Servants, Para military organizations, General Public through direct and indirect off-takers deeds. However, block subscriptions by corporate organizations, Government parastatals / Para military Organizations would attract special sales incentives.

Marketing of the constructed houses shall be handled solely by Favour & Marvel Limited which shall ensure the houses are delivered to people who deserve to own the houses at very affordable rates. Individuals can also own these houses by making an initial deposit which are acceptable in several installments over a minimum period of 6months to maximum 24months after which keys shall be delivered to the off-takers to move into their homes and the balance spread over a period of 10years to 30years.

We intend to establish HOPE MORTGAGE BANK and have arrangements with the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria and the Federal Staff Loans Board to offer Mortgage facilities to all categories of Off-takers on request, Subject to mutually agreed terms and conditions.

The UN RESCUE SERVICES HOPE SHELTERS Affordable Housing Project shall be a revolving program; after the first Phase, since we intend to provide at least 1,000,000 homes across Nigeria.

Contact: AMBASSADOR S. N. MIDALAH – Chairman/CEO

Telephone: Nigeria: +2348084449190 Sweden: +46722778867
Email: [email protected] [email protected]